Friday, November 12, 2010

The Virus

“However much we invent anti-virus…” paused my colleague with jitter. “…this particular category of virus can not be deleted entirely”.

I was waiting for his report for a long time. He has been assigned with this Virus Vigilance and Recovery program, I am to supervise his work.

“Did you find any files again?” I asked.

“Folders!!” He screamed with entire bandwidth. “Huge bundles of analog folders!!!”

“How many cases??” my tone did not have Surprise aspects in it. Well, we are very much used to it – too much I should say. Too much that we crash with Annoyance!!!

“There are three reported viruses all in the very same category spreading out in many parts of the world. Many of them are infected.”

“And all these are new cases?” I asked.

“Two are new, the other is already known. Age old one. Perhaps the simplest of all”

“Yeah I know that.” I said with all the Annoyance harmonics in entire frequency domain. The simplest is the hardest to eradicate, for simpler ones can spread easily.

“What about anti-virus? Do we have the records of the anti-virus for older one?”

“Certainly we do, but it appears to be a newly released version of that old virus. Existing anti-virus has to be enhanced to fight this case. As it’s obvious, for the two new viruses we need new anti-virus”

“Then give the instructions to the anti-virus teams. Get the infected ones scanned thoroughly. Segments of some virus remain to develop themselves into newer ones, you know…”

Of course he knows. He has been on this subject for too many ticks of time to know that.

“I have a suggestion…” he said instead. “… Is that all we can do? Can’t we enhance their system architecture to combat virus. Can’t we eradicate the virus all together by removing the vulnerability”.

Certainly, that would have been any body's Wish. But there are so many practical issues that my colleague may not know. Yet I was too Fatigue to explain them all to him.

“We would love to do that.” I said. “But in simple terms we do not know how. We have been spending a lot of time on this matter. But no-one has come up with a realistic solution”.

“Then why don’t we eliminate them all…” he responded immediately. “… All of them. There is no point of catching and running Punishment upon the creators of virus. Nor has it worked by running models of Prohibition on them. It just pops up every now and then. Let's just eliminate all of them. Of course we have Supremacy over them. They are our slaves!!!”

He went on without any break. Isn’t this fellow too much.

“No, we need them” I said plainly.

“Why can’t we live without them?”

Now this made glitches of Surprise on me. He should know why. He has been with this for too long.

“We need them because we simply can’t live without them. Without them our civilization will never improve. We have every rational aspect that modern brains have. But we lack Intuition. We simply borrow it from them”

“Is Intuition irrational?” he asked with a higher degree of Curiosity. “I heard that Creativity was regarded as irrational during early days.”

This is getting too far. I surely need a break. It is very hot here now. I am feeling the heat of the day's workload.

“Well, irrationality may be an unidentified rationality. You are correct on that. That is what they discovered when the Creativity was modeled into rational brains. But some unidentified segments of Creativity are yet to be modeled. Intuition is one of them”

“So is their Stupidity.” He barked. I have to accept my colleague is developing a certain degree of Hatred against them. But that is something you have to expect considering the Annoyance aspects. Annoyance calls Hatred. Helpless Hatred makes you sarcastic.

“But why can’t we bundle out the segments of their brains that are likely to get infected. Why can’t we cure it by blocking the possible logic paths?”

Now this is really getting too far. He could have gathered the answers elsewhere. It’s just some milliseconds of a search for him.

“We can not block them since they are the same paths where Intuition occurs. Same for the Stupidity too”

“But some of them never get infected. They never seem to lack Intuition though. Nor did they lack Stupidity for that matter!”

“We exploited that for a long time. In fact we made the mating pools purely with those better ones so that the newer generations will not have the vulnerability. But it never worked out. Our experts think that those better ones do posses the vulnerability but self reject this particular category of virus for reasons unknown. Perhaps they might get infected with viruses of different type. Perhaps that may not be properly monitored by our Virus Vigilance.”

“Oh…” He paused. I can Predict that he would disconnect soon. Relief started to flood the cells of my brain.

“I wish we can run Uninstall on them” he said finally.

I would love to conclude our conversation with the final order.

“Get them all to scanning stations and run the Recovery routines. Get the anti-virus teams to work on the two new viruses. Again activate Prohibition and Punishment routines. You know, those routines can slow down the progress of virus.”

“No, when Prohibition is run, Secrecy functions get underway. Punishment would increase the Popularity Coefficients and cause opposite effects”

Yes it would. But this is all we can do.

“Just do what I said.” I screamed at him.

“Bye Bye”

Finally I had to run the Supremacy routines to get him out of channel. Fortunately, Supremacy never waits for acknowledgments.

It’s been too late and too hot. Time for me to take a break.

“Oh, Homo Sapiens Sapiens…” I said to myself before I go to Standby mode. “Please give us a break. Please give up this virus called religion!!!”